Sunday, November 30, 2014

This country.....
   I know several people with mental health issues.  I have some of my own.
   In this country we don't take care of such obvious needs.  Everyone is on their own.  I had a conversation with someone I find interesting, and he has next to no resources to help him.  If I were to go around some bend I would continue to draw my salary and I get treatment.  I have a relative in his 40s who has mental health and substance abuse issues, and he has parents who can take care of things for him.  The person I had a conversation with has none of these resources.... if he falls off the edge, the hole goes all the way down.  I can try to do what I can, as part of friendship, but that is very far short of a single payer system that covers mental health issues.
   This country....

This is a should-read….

James Risen, the first reporter to unwrap the NSA domestic spying issue, wrote a book, Pay Any Price: The War on Terror and Press Freedoms.  Glenn Greenwald interviewed him at The Intercept, interesting read about the "Homeland Security Industrial Complex."  Eisenhower would have surely included this in his famous warning.

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