Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is this the face of change?  I've worked at my current institution for almost 33 years, and the place has been hostile to tone deaf on the color line.  People in close working relationships have said abysmal things and exhibited ugly responses to encounters with persons of color.  Attempts to push back and hold us accountable have been met with indifference and derision.  Well, this President has started something.... We are talking.  Only a few show up, but it is a few, talking.  The stories are coming out, stories that will break your heart.  These are stories worth hearing, and stories that might help people develop the vocabulary to respond to those ugly situations in the future.  Sometimes talk is action.  I've served her under other presidents here, and it is clear that this guy gets it.  About time.   Maybe an open heart is what it takes.  Maybe I don't like the pace of change, but I like the change.


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